EUROPEAN WELLNESS CENTER™ is the premium accreditation – an earned badge of endorsement – applied to locally, licensed centers and their practitioners who meet the standards necessary to apply the EUROPEAN WELLNESS™ treatment protocols and methodology in a local market.

The EUROPEAN WELLNESS CENTER™ vision is to integrate personalised holistic wellness treatment services customised for innate healing using the principles of Swiss Biological Medicine, in a secure, ultra-exclusive and private setting.

The initial centers that operate and being progressively introduced to market are wholly owned by EWC International.

The flagship center in Lugano, Switzerland operates under a national brand format, SWISS WELLNESS CENTER but delivers the same protocols, therapies and level of service.

In Germany, the group operates as German Medical Center, Frankfurt through a partnership with the The Siebenhüner practice in the center of the Advanced Medical Clinic in Frankfurt, for 35 years practicing holistic integrative medicine.