The EUROPEAN WELLNESS ACADÉMIE™ is the education, training and empowerment organization to appropriately support and serve the group.

It is to be the base on which the global aspirations grow, organising the education and independent certification for CENTER practitioners.

It will be the institution that funds and aids further research on behalf of the group and lobbies appropriate authorities in multiple jurisdictions to facilitate change.

It is the platform for the group’s sustainability, corporate social responsibility and environmental and social governance programs.

The intention of these programs is to promote the benefits of biological wellness, challenge the dominant paradigms of the widespread use of pharmaceuticals, and support and treat underprivileged children with chronic conditions and disease deemed ‘untreatable’ by western medicine.

The ACADÉMIE services will first be delivered through a custom built training facility in Malaysia, at the heart of the market where greatest growth is expected.  Flights are shorter and costs far less for practitioners, nurses, technicians and managers to conveniently attend on site, in center training.