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Our European Wellness therapies are offered at various certified centres around the world. You can enjoy the locality of the area while being immersed in European Wellness’ integrative treatments. Experience personalised care by our certified physicians and enjoy the results of quality and safe therapies offered at our various centres.
Our setting is local, our treatments holistic.


Lugano, Switzerland

Swiss Wellness Center is the flagship European Wellness Center™ which began operating in 2015. Centrally located in the Italian-speaking city of Lugano in Switzerland’s south-east, SWC offers an in-house dental clinic and a complete range of biomedical medicine therapies. European Wellness’s physicians and partners worldwide consult with SWC for their expertise and insight in biological disorders through dental conditions and leadership in Swiss Cellular Therapy.


Frankfurt, Germany

In Germany, European Wellness™ operates as the German Medical Center through a partnership with the Siebenhüner practice, located in the centre of the Advanced Medical Clinic in Frankfurt. This clinic has been practicing holistic integrative medicine for 35 years.



Villa Medica is a premium destination clinic and licensed hospital establishment in Germany for cell therapy with an all-encompassing facilities under one roof. Its professional medical team, with more than 50 years of experience, provides patients with round the clock medical supervision within a relaxing environment, and the cells are prepared and injected within the same facility. Dr. Burkhard Aschhoff holds the distinction of being one of the few remaining doctors in Germany who is authorised to produce cellular therapy and he has been practicing cell therapy for over 25 years.


Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

In September 2016, a Training Facility was opened in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, where doctors, nursing staff, technicians and researchers acquire, test and train to use state of the art technology and methodologies. This facility has welcomed more than a hundred guests since its opening, offering interested parties including licensed healthcare practitioners CPD certified training of European Wellness technologies and treatment methods.


Manila, Philippines

European Wellness’ first Center with a full medical license for operations launched in Manila, Philippine on September 2016. This center offers integrative support for the wider medical community, as well as the full complement of regenerative and aesthetic therapies. With a leadership team implanted from the group at set up, Filipino doctors and nurses were given on-the-job training to enhance their skill sets to this new treatment paradigm. The Center’s has been receiving a large number of patients mostly from Asia since its inception.


European Wellness Academy™

CPD certified training provider