Dr. Yefimov Simon

Dr. Simon Yefimov

M.D., MS.

Dr. Simon completed Medical Degree and postgraduate specialization in Radiology, X-ray and Ultrasound specialist. Also trained in EEG research methods. During hospital practice attended and participated in a big number of medical scientific conferences and workshops.

As a further career development dr. Simon joined a biomolecular and stem cell research and manufacturing industry. Apart from the research in biomolecular and stem cell technology Dr. Simon is an expert in biological medicine, complementary medicine, medical devices and treatment of neurophysiological disorders. He participates as a presenter in various medical conferences and exhibitions in Asia and abroad and provides trainings for medical professionals on German biological medicine. Dr. Simon is a member of Medical Advisory Board of Biomolecular Research (Germany) and European Wellness Centers International Group.


2006 — 2012 Luhansk state Medical University, Medical faculty Medical Degree

2009 — 2012 Member of Academic Community Mental Health

2010 Prize winner at Mental health national academic competition.

2011 Participant and performer at Academic conference « Innovative solutions in diacrisis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of mental disorders»

2012 Participant at research and practice academic conference «Pressing issues of clinic social and legal psychiatry in Ukraine»

2012 Participant and performer at Research and practice academic conference «Pathomorphosis of nervous system diseases»


2012 — 2014 Luhansk State Hospital – Radiology specialist degree.

2013 — 2014 Luhansk State Hospital – Radiological investigations medical specialist degree.

2013 Luhansk Regional Oncologic Dispensary Practical course of ultrasound researches.

2014 Luhansk State Hospital – Practical course of contrast enhanced radiological studies.

Professional Experience

2014 — 2015 (1 year) Luhansk municipal hospital number 4
– Radiologist (X – Ray investigations, diagnoses, recommends futher examinations)

2015 — present (2 years) Diagnostic and treatment centre «Meddiagnostika», Kiev
– Radiologist (X – Ray inv., diagnoses, recommends for futher examinations, communicate examination of diagnostic information to reffering
physicians or patients)