Dr Olaf Kuhnke is a German educated and certified biological medical doctor with more than thirty years of practice in Germany and Switzerland, as a general practitioner, oncologist and complementary medical specialist.  After a distinguished career in Bavaria, he became Medical Director at the Clinica Paracelsus Al Ronc in Castaneda, Switzerland.

He is state board certified as a specialist in general medicine (Bavaria) and has concluded ​​multiple studies in the fields of biological & complementary medicine including chirotherapy, phytotherapy, nutritional medicine, oxygen therapy, acupuncture & electro-acupuncture, neuraltherapy, homeopathy, chelation, magnetic field therapy, thermography, psychosomatic energy diagnosis and orthomolecular therapy.

Since 1988, Dr Kuhnke has been a member of ZAEN, the European Central Association of Physicians for naturopathic medicine and regulation, Europe’s oldest and largest medical professional association for complementary medicine.  From 1992, he joined the teaching faculty to present ZAEN’s curriculum, educating practitioners who earn the state certified Doctor in Complementary Medicine.  A committee member from 1995-2003, in 2009 Dr Kuhnke was elected President of the 4500-member association.


  • 1977 – 1984
    Medical studies at the University of Würzburg, Germany.
  • 1984
    M.D. magna cum laude
  • 1989
    States Exam and approval as specialist in general medicine (Bavaria medical board)
  • 1988 – 2010
    continual specialist complementary medicine certificate and diploma education