I have always been drawn to cell therapy due to the principal “Like treats like.” From the latin “similia similibus curantur”. Liver to liver, heart to heart, kidney to kidney.

The human body is dependent on the integrity of the system and we now know that disease comes primarily from our own system. The system depends on the organs and the organs depend on the cells. At the end of the day as our cells age, so we also age.

We have something in the order of 37.2 trillion cells when we are born, amongst those cells we have about 1 stem cell in every 10,000. As we age that number decreases steadily until by the time we die will have zeros stem cells.

We cannot stop ageing but with cellular therapy we can do a bit of reversing, thus delaying the ageing process.

Its an exciting time in medical history to be able to provide these cell therapy services and delay the ageing process and fight almost any disease, without the use of drugs.