European WellnessSenior Technical Consultant


Prof. Dr Mike Chan

Senior Technical Consultant

Pioneered cellular therapy & stem cell research in Europe since 1980’s and spear headed a renowned Swiss and German company which was for its anti-aging, regenerative medicine and cellular therapies. Initiated educational programmes for physicians and distribution networks in more than 70 countries. One of the world’s largest researcher, developer and providers of Swiss cellular therapy products in the field of anti-aging, regenerative, nutritional and biological medicine at its height. He was probably one of the ‘first’ to introduce cellular therapy, bio molecular medicine in the 80’s and stem cell research to Asia in the early 90’s.

Co-owner of the Lab Dom Suisse Group with about 300 permanent staff worldwide, a Switzerland based HQ in Geneva and clinics in Lustmuhle, near Zurich, and various parts of the world. Lab Dom Suisse group had an established multinational Asia Pacific Hub with 150 staff in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia with a work force drawn from more than 10 nationalities in Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Bangkok, and a South American office in Ecuador.

Professor Mike is currently the Director for Research and Senior Technical Consultant for global Anti-Aging brands such as MF3, MF Plus, LAB RMS (Peptides), FCTI (Autologous & Xeno Precursor Stem Cells) and EW (European Wellness) International Group of biological and wellness clinics worldwide. He was a the ex-owner & Chairman of one of the world’s largest medical clinic (hospital) in Switzerland for Biological Medicine and continues to own a number of Swiss, German and Asian clinics for biological integrative medicine & wellness. Professor Mike has substantively brought cell therapy and biological medicine into Asian Pacific regions with educational programs for physicians & healthcare practitioners respected across Europe, North and South America, Asia Pacific and Africa.

He is one of the first to introduce placental & cellular based oral supplement and skincare in the early 1990’s and spearheaded educational seminars in over 60 regions to date. As an early disciple to some of the early adopters & influential advocates of cellular therapy in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Russia & Mexico, Professor Mike reinvented new advancement and know-how in manufacturing of biological, cellular procurements and extraction.

The 10 clinics and centres under his ownership or co-owns are centres for revitalisation and youth restoration which is popular among prominent VIP figures from America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, including members of royalty.

One of the first Asian members of the prestigious Leopard Club, an exclusive membership club comprising 200 of Switzerland’s most prominent business people including the 60 richest, bankers and the President of Switzerland.

Pioneered and introduced together with his wife and co-founder Professor Dr. Michelle Wong, Precursor Stem Cell Therapy across vast regions of the world outside Europe since 2003. He steered a vast network of physicians across the Asia-Pacific region and led an international team of anti-aging doctors and professors to provide technical training programmes in the region on precursor stem cell therapies and implantation methods. He is actively involved in pioneering industry research and development initiatives in the field of regenerative and biological medicine in Germany, Switzerland and Europe. Being a speaker himself, he has conducted – together with Professor Dr. Michelle Wong and the European medical team – more than 1000 lectures, seminars and symposiums worldwide across more than 60 countries in the field of anti-aging, regenerative medicine and stem cell therapies.

Received the Dato’ state honor title of Malaysia in 2011, which is the state honor of Malaysia – equivalent in rank to a Knight or Dame Grand Cross of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (GBE), allowing Professor Mike to use the title Dato’. Received the Dato’ Sri state honor title of Malaysia in 2013, which is a higher state honor equivalent to ‘Lordship’ in 2013 giving the rank of Dato’ Sri.

Life Fellow Member of the Scientific Committee of the following non-profitable organisations:
• The International Association of Stem Cell Transplantation, USA
• The International Association of Cell Therapy, Geneva, Switzerland
• The European Wellness Academy of Integrative Biological Medicine, Germany. (CPD Accredited)
• And member of many other professional non-profitable bodies.
• Bio Molecular Therapy Malaysia Asian (Co-Founder/Chairman for Education)
• ISIM (International School for Integrative Medicine, Germany) University Approved Status for post graduate studies for Doctors
• Chairman/Scientific/Education Committee of a number of reserach & educational bodies

Pioneer of stem cell technologies in Asia since 2003 with the establishment of FCTI, the world’s largest provider of fetal precursor stem cells today for the management and treatment of chronic aging diseases and untreatable disorders via conventional medicine.

Lead an WHO(World Health Organisation) invited Scientific Team to present on Xeno Stem Cell Transplantation at WHO Headquarter for Muslim countries in Cairo, Egypt in 2007.

Academic Speaker at more than 1000 lectures, seminars and symposiums worldwide across 45 countries in the field of anti-aging, regenerative medicine and stem cell therapies.

He is an honourable speaker for academic platforms sponsored by A4M, WAAM and APAAAM being an international academic organisations of physicians and scientists dedicated to enhancing the quality and extension of human life span. He was recently one of the keynote speakers at both the “2nd World Congress on Anti-Aging, Aesthetic and Regenerative, Nutritional and Excercise Medicine” (WAAARNEM) (Kuala Lumpur, 28th-29th April 2018), and the “Bioregenesis Conference” (Carlsbad, California USA, 4-5th May 2018)

Invited Scientific Member spearheading the FCTI (then under BCRO-ASIA)Stem Cell Scientific Team at the 2007 World Health Organisation (WHO) symposium on Stem Cells for Muslim countries held at the WHO Islamic Headquarters in Cairo, Egypt.


I have always been drawn to cell therapy due to the principal “Like treats like”, from the latin “similia similibus curantur” – liver to liver, heart to heart, kidney to kidney. The human body is dependent on the integrity of the system and we now know that disease comes primarily from our own system. The system depends on the organs and the organs depend on the cells. At the end of the day as our cells age, so we also age.

We have something in the order of 37.2 trillion cells when we are born, amongst those cells we have about 1 stem cell in every 10,000. As we age that number decreases steadily until by the time we die will have zero stem cells. We cannot stop aging but with cellular therapy we can do a bit of reversing, thus delaying the aging process. It’s an exciting time in medical history to be able to provide these cell therapy services and delay the aging process and fight almost any disease, without the use of drugs.


  • 2018 Appointed as International Senate of BWA (Bundesverband für Wirtschaftsförderung und Aussenwirtschaft – Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade) for Germany, Malaysia and China.
  • 2014 Led SBI (Stellar Bio Molecular Innovations) to ‘Best Enterprises’ in field of Biological Medicine by Socrates Committee, Oxford, UK.
  • 2014 Led SBI to SIQs (Swiss Institute of Quality Standards, Zurich-Switzerland).
  • 2013 Received 2 Diamond Awards in Paris for the International Star for Leadership in Quality. The ISLQ Award is based on the QC100 quality model, implemented in over 100 countries.
  • 2013 Instrumental for the Best Product Award for its SR Cell Therapy Serum at the Aesthetic China Exhibition and Congress 2013, Beijing, China.
  • 2012 Led and emerged as single winner for ‘The Most Effective Marketing Campaign Company’ and also ‘Most Innovative Ingredient Finalist’ through international esteemed judging panel at the renowned NBT (Nutraceutical Business & Technology) Awards 2012 held in Geneva, Switzerland. The award covers a selected pool of 1000+ world-renowned giant nutritional and food-based technology companies.
  • 2011 Led LABDOM SUISSE INC. to win the Geneva Inventions with 2 Gold Medals for ‘Innovation in Anti-Aging Formulation Technologies’ and ‘Innovation in Bio-Regenerative Medicine’.
  • 2011 Led LABDOM SUISSE INC. to a Gold Medal at the Middle East International Invention Fair held in co-operation with the International Geneva Convention in Kuwait under patronage of his Royal Highness, Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah.
  • 2011 Led LABDOM SUISSE INC. to win the Leadership Excellence Award, Brand Excellence Award and Product Excellence Award from the Entrepreneur Development Association and Asia Pacific Excellence Alliance at the 10th Asia Pacific International Excellence Awards 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • 2011 Conferred the ‘Asia Pacific Top CEO of the Year’ award in the Anti-Aging, Health and Beauty category by Global Business Magazine for outstanding leadership and contributions to technological development and innovation in the region.


  • Professorship in Cellular Research (Hon), Faculty of Science and Biotechnology, conferred at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • A doctorate conferred at Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Sabah, Malaysia and a Master in Science (Regenerative Medicine), Netherlands.