Biological medicine mandates the body is innately primed to protect and heal itself against illness. These abilities rest on the body’s physical and mental balance.

The health of every biological component that makes up the human body – cells, tissues, enzymes, gut bacteria, thought processes, emotions – is integral in keeping the body’s self-regulation and healing process in order.

When balance is disrupted, disease flourishes. Without treating the core issues, and only treating the symptoms, illnesses may recur and over time turn chronic.

Biological medicine works to identify the underlying root causes of illness and long-term chronic disease through individualized pathophysiological assessments.  Biological medicine can help pinpoint the root causes of difficult to diagnose conditions – like Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, burnout syndrome and multiple chemical sensitivity – and those that do not respond to conventional treatment.

The holistic ‘non-invasive’ biological program of detoxification, regulation, balancing and stimulation therapies without the use of any pharmaceutical drugs are employed to assist metabolic dysfunctions; such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, neurological dysfunctions caused by heavy metal and toxic influence, chronic wear and tear, and the susceptibility to infections.