There are four pillars that form the clinical strength of EUROPEAN WELLNESS™.


It is vital to determine the underlying cause of disease and the real conditional state of each patient.  This is achieved through lengthy wellness assessment, non-invasive clinical onsite testing as well as offsite pathology and laboratory tests.

• Bio Medi Pulse
• Bio EAV
• Bio Med Scan
• OG Scan (Heavy Metal Scanning)
• Mamo Radio-thermo Scan (Advanced Non-radiation Breast Scanning)
• Radio Thermo Scan for liver / kidney /other parts of inflammation
• Dark & Bright Field Microscopy and Vascular Scan
• Other Proprietary Check-up otionals:
• DNA Gene Testing
• Food Intolerance
• Cancer & Life Span Profiling


Cleansing the body of heavy metals and other toxic substances has many benefits, including improving our energy levels and activating our metabolism, while boosting the efficiency of the body’s natural defences.  A consistent detoxification process remedies the adverse effects of stress in our body and improves the action of Repair and Rejuvenate therapies.  The detox protocol may include Phytotherapy, Chelation, Plaquex Infusion and Colon Hydrotherapy.

• Plaqx Therapy
• Proprietary Chelation Therapy
• Colon Hydrotherapy
• Infrared Sauna Detoxification (USA) Advanced Therapy
• Other Proprietary Modalities


A repair protocol is then implemented to help enhance the body’s natural defence and healing capacity for long-lasting wellness. EUROPEAN WELLNESS™ combines several methods to repair a patient’s immune system, strengthen the intestinal system, enhance blood circulation, and reinforce other physiological processes to restore the body’s internal balance.

• Ozone Dialysis Therapy (MedOzon Therapy)
• Arthritic / Joints Pain / Rheumatism Therapy
• Bio Magnetic Field Therapy
• Systhemic Hyperthermia
• Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy
• Pituitary Gland Therapy
• Hormonal Imbalances Therapy
• Sleep & Destress Induction Therapy
• Multi Bio Lux Crystal Fusion Light & Gem Harmonising Therapy
• Spleen Therapy
• Cancer / Tumour Prevention Vaccine (GCMAF with HMW HA – High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid)
• Other Proprietary Modalities


A range of individualized treatment is prescribed to stimulate the body’s cellular renewal process ranging from oral rejuvenating supplements, bioactive anti-oxidants to the most advanced bio molecular peptide therapies.

• Bio Molecular / Cellular Therapy