Why EWB Can Help


  • The main clinical detection method is real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). The method takes a long time. Lacks of fast, specific and effective identification method.
  • According to the past prevention and control of the epidemic, immunodiagnostic reagents have been used as a precedent for auxiliary diagnosis.
  • Therefore, COVID-19 antibody testing should be carried out as soon as possible to improve the clinical diagnosis rate!

Both detection kits requires the person to be infected for a while. It may take 3 to 10 days for the sick person to develop antibodies.

The detection kits are  applied to different groups of people for different purposes:

  1. Persons who have flu symptoms, i.e. they are sick with a virus, the test is to confirm that they have/ have not infected with covid-19. The purpose of detection kit is to reduce the queue for the traditional lab based RT-PCR.
  2. Only those who test positive by detection kit need to go for further RT-PCR test to confirm they are really infected, and maybe chest imaging.
  3. Persons who might be exposed and show no symptoms, to test regularly every three or four days until the two week window is up. This is proved that they are not infected by COVID-19.
  • Preliminary test to confirm that one has/ has not infected with COVID-19
  • Immediate test for one who had been exposed to suspected confirmed cases
  • Avoid crowd contact at the hospital with all the possible suspected cases
  • Worry free during quarantine period