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How to Prevent Strokes & Heart Attacks

Over time, plaque or fatty materials build up, damaging and clogging up your arteries, leading…

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Safety First! What to Know About Stem Cell Procedures | Prof. Dr Mike

Before taking up any products and treatments that claim to have stem cells, be sure…

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How Can GcMAF Forte Improve Your Immune System? | Prof. Dr. Roni Lara Moya

“GcMAF Forte boosts, triggers, and modulates your immune system… making you better and stronger.” Our…

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Active Specific Immunotherapy: A Safe Treatment for Tumors | Prof. Dr. Roni Lara Moya

Tumors formed by cancerous cells can wreak havoc upon the immune system – but is…

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Prof. Dr Mike: How do Stem Cells Work?

Stem cell technology has been put under the spotlight lately with its advanced medical uses.…

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Prof. Dr Mike on Cell Therapy & Stem Cell Research

“We are the formulators, we are the researchers, we are the manufacturers, we are the…

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How our Immune System may affect the severity of COVID-19

As the global fight against #COVID19 continues, every piece of medical information may be crucial!…

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Boosting our Immune System with STF Peptide Immunotherapy

What if we could boost our Immune System in a SAFE and EFFICIENT manner? Enter…

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