Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions and interpretation

“Agreement”: these terms and conditions of business (“T&Cs”) pertaining to the Foundation or Program packages of Services provided.

“Guest”: person to whom the Services are provided.

“Company”: European Wellness Centers Inc (BVI).

“Services”: the health tourism services to be provided under the Agreement.

“Discount Voucher”: a voucher acquired by the Guest for the provision of Services at reduced fees; during promotional periods and for use in certain markets where permanent discounting applies.

“Working Day”: is generally every weekday apart from Sunday or statutory holidays where Services are provided; some wellness centers in some markets may operate 7 days per week or Monday to Friday.

2. Program Fees and Costs

2.1 Fees are payable by the Guest for the provision of the packages presented on this site.  The Company is entitled to collect and receive these fees in advance in order to schedule Guests appropriately, and order specific required products.

2.2 Subsequent packages and follow up therapies may be purchased directly from a wellness center, though these costs may vary from the package costs but are subject to the same Terms & Conditions.

3. Terms of payment

3.1 Foundation, Package and Pre-arrival deposits for multiple Guest packages offers are to be paid in full.

3.2 Except where otherwise agreed in writing, fees for follow up Services at a wellness center shall be the fees chargeable by the Company current at the date of provision, as part of recommended ongoing Programs for therapeutic benefit.  The total amount must be paid in full at the conclusion of Service and is non-refundable.

4. Cancellations

4.1 If a pre-arrival deposit has been made to cover multiple programs, and a cancellation in made, this is non-refundable.

4.2 The Company shall undertake to reschedule the Guest at a time that is suitable to the Company’s schedule and reserves the right to issue a supplementary fee invoice to the Guest for such cancellation and/or re-scheduling fees and the Guest shall make full payment to the Company on the day of the rescheduling.

4.3 Re-scheduled appointments can be rescheduled but the Company reserves the right to charge supplementary fees.

4.4 If the Guest chooses to shift wellness centers – either in a country or to another country – to commence or complete any of the programs, the Company reserves the right to charge a supplementary fee.

5. Provision of Services

The Company’s catalogues, brochures, leaflets or other correspondence including information published on the Company’s website are not binding and reasonable variations may be made to the Services without notice, and the Services so varied shall be accepted as complying with the Agreement.

6. Warranties and representations

Each party warrants and represents that, as at the date of this Agreement, it has full capacity and authority to enter into this Agreement. If requested, the Company may help the Guest to choose therapeutic services or other Services but the Company does not provide any warranties that such Services will be fit for the Guest’s purpose and assessment and selection of the Services remains the Guest’s ultimate responsibility. No statement, description, information, condition or recommendation contained in any Company catalogue, price list, website, advertisement or communication or made verbally by representatives of the Company shall be construed to vary in any way any of the terms of this Agreement. All other warranties (express or implied) are hereby excluded to maximum extent permitted by applicable law.

7. Modifications and additional terms

The Company reserves the right to modify these T&Cs without prior notice.  When changes are made the Company will update this page.

8. Governing law and dispute resolution

The Agreement shall be governed by British Virgin Island Law. Any dispute under this Agreement shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of British Virgin Island courts.

9. Other terms

9.1 Force majeure: The Company shall be entitled to delay or cancel the delivery of Services or to reduce the amount of Services delivered if it is prevented from or hindered in or delayed in the provision of Services through any circumstances beyond its reasonable control including strike, lock-out, accident, war, government action, national emergency, act of terrorism, protest, riot, civil commotion, explosion, flood, epidemic, fire.

9.2 The Company’s privacy statement at www.european-wellness.com will apply.

9.3 The Company may assign or sub-contract its obligations or rights under this Agreement to a competent third party in whole or in part.


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