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Treating Down Syndrome and Autism with European Wellness | Lily Wong’s Testimony

My Autism Recovery Journey | Vlad Pantazescu

My Son’s Autism Recovery: A Mother’s Hope Becomes Reality | Violet Pantazescu

A Father’s Testimony on 23-Year-Old Son’s Autism Treatment | Marian Pantazescu

Treating My Child’s Autism: Dramatic Improvements! | Junita Rashid

Now, I Can Smile: Parkinson’s Patient, Tan Sri Mohd Bakri’s Recovery

How European Wellness Helped Me and My Family | Puan Sri Nisa Bakri

From China to Malaysia – A journey of hope for Global Development Delay (GDD) patient

2021 Update: Dr Michael’s Recovery From Stage 5 Kidney Failure & Heart Disease

Christy Chung once again share her wellness journey toward younger and healthier with European Wellness Center

1-day post-treatment result of patient with a three months chemical burn wound with MF Plus NOP SPMCE + HA!

Rebecca Kallioniemi: Being Healthy & Active In Your 50’s

Shawn Zhang strengthen his belief on cell therapy after his wellness journey experience with European Wellness Center

Living testimonial of Dr. Michael recovering from Stage 5 kidney failure

PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE AT 48? How Stem Cells Changed Our Lives | European Wellness

Precursor Stem Cell Therapy for MPGN TYPE II (Kidney Disorder).

Christy Chung & Shawn Zhang share their love on regenerative treatment from European Wellness Center

Christy Chung share confidently her wonderful experience on Stem cells treatment from European Wellness Center

Christy & Shawn share a wonderful experience with European Wellness Center’s wellness journey specially designed for them

Parkinson’s Patient AMAZING Recovery with Cell Therapy | European Wellness Success Story

No More Dialysis! Dr Michael’s Journey of Recovery From Stage 5 Kidney Failure

Shawn Zhang shares his belief that stem cell and cell therapy are the future of human medicine

A mother’s feedback on significant improvements experienced by her two autistic sons after treatment of our Precursor Stem Cell Therapy.

Diagnosis: Muscular Dystrophy
Patient Code: WHA
Treatment date: 28/11/2017

Precursor Stem Cell Therapy for Insulin Dependent Diabetes Type II.

EW Villa Medica Germany

Miranda, an Autistic patient, sees big changes and improvements after receiving therapy with European Wellness Villa Medica

Cell Therapy, the Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease

Interview With Victoria Bonya & Hofit Golan at European Wellness Villa Medica

Victoria Bonya and Hofit Golan in Villa Medica Germany on TV channel Periscope Russia

Autism – Ethan Tang Piap

Joanne’s Dramatic Improvement On Her Muscular Dystrophy Conditions

Maya Townsend’s Positive Progress

Yvette On Her Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Experience

Dr Debbie Hyle’s Testimonial on Multiple Sclerosis

Yvette – A Mother’s Testimonial on Autism

Carolin McDonald Testimonial on Cell Therapy

EW Villa Medica Bangkok

HBOT and body treatment at European Wellness Villa Medica by cycling instructor Nam Nam

The cell therapy at EW Villa Medica helps Khun Ying to become pregnant and give birth to a healthy son

Thermage Treatment – Why should I choose EW Villa Medica?

Thermage Treatment at EW Villa Medica

Prestige White Program: What Our Customers Say?

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